Tuesday 19 April 2011

Quick Note...

Just the one race tomorrow evening (5:05 Newcastle). With three first-time-out winners competing it should make for an interesting race.

I haven't been updating the blog with much else beyond the two-year-old racing and the Tipping Competition simply because I need to use my time wisely. It might make interesting reading with articles about professional gamblers, humour and all those quirky things I find from all corners of the Internet but the juveniles are the focus of my attention. Each and every two-year-old race is recorded and reviewed time after times. Each horse is scrutinised. All early race declarations are copied and saved for reference. When the time comes, Group entries for each trainer are kept. The HCE database has to be updated daily. So although the HCE blog may seem a quieter place than over those winter months, it is a much busier place behind the scenes. It is all about prioritising my time and energy. I hope you can understand my reasoning for our different approach.

As always, I would like to thank you for your support in making High Class Equine a continued success and to a brilliant Flat season.