Saturday 8 January 2011

They used to be two-year-old horses: but that changed on 1st January


So it's a New Year: 2011.

Already much has changed. On the 2nd January, while reading the race cards in the Daily Nag it was obvious something was missing.

Where had all the two-year-old horses gone?

Vanished spontaneously without a please or thank you from Racing For Change.

While Poirot enjoyed his holiday on the Orient Express, he could rest assured the mystery had been resolved. In fact far from shouting: 'It's Professor Plum with a piece of lead pipe in the stables,' there was only one word to be uttered on such a murderous occasion.


For as every racing fan knows - irrespective of it's natural birth date - all race horses celebrate their birthday on the 1st January. (And you thought only Her Majesty The Queen had the luxury of blowing out the candles on two cakes.)

So seemingly in the twinkle of Storm Cat's eye last year's two-year-olds collectively turned three and while there is no mystery about the a new batch being broken-in, learning the ropes, cantering and taking a turn or two in the starting stalls, racing has been left with something akin to a two-year-old Bermuda Triangle or perhaps more appropriately a Newmarket Square. So for at least a couple of months we await the first juvenile race of the new turf season in mid-to-late March - Doncaster's Brocklesby Stakes -while racing is sadly devoid of its 'equine hopes and dreams'.

Bad news always travels fast. It has been clocked at a fantastic speed in Pegasus-style over Epsom's 5f sprint. Worst still, it could be a double helping.

Certain subjects are always difficult to broach. It's like asking a lady her age (or for that matter a's not so bad with colts and geldings couldn't give two...hoots). But sometimes you have to dismiss barriers - forget the days, months and years which make an age.


Well HCE has some unfinished business.

As our readers will know, we have a fondness for group-entered two-year-olds. In fact they have always had a place in our heart since our study - the first in the world - was published in the Weekender by Nick Mordin many moons ago revealing our analysis showed that these talented juveniles often become tomorrow's equine stars.

So two-year-old or not, it's no time to talk blog politics. Irrespective of age, this selection of unraced and lightly-raced three-year-olds have a touch of class and most are likely to appear at the start of the new season. In fact there is only one thing wrong with them. They are no longer two.

Horses: 3yo

No Heretic (P.Cole)

Strategic Bid (P.Cole)

End Or Beginning (P.Cole)

Midsummer Sun (H.Cecil)

Kota Sas (M.Jarvis)

Mashaaref (M.Jarvis)

Raymbek Batyr (J.Noseda)

Passing Stranger (J.Noseda)