Sunday 8 November 2009

The End of The Flat Season

The Flat season has come and gone with yesterday's meeting at Doncaster. As always, it has been a time to learn and refine our skills and endeavour to come back in March, for the new Flat season, a new-improved blog brimming with confidence and determined that H.C.E can continue to maintain that winning edge.

With the conclusion of this season, it is perhaps too easy to considering what went wrong rather than take all the positives which ultimately led to a decent points profit for the year and one or two big price selections that ran stormers but didn't quite prevail. On balance, we have to be pleased with our first season.

There is little doubt H.C.E will be bigger and better next year. We will be giving more tips and this will give a more balanced approach. We did fall into the trap of being too selective at the start of the season which caused problems. With my brother, Tony, taking a greater role along side myself and Gareth next season, we will be highlighting a good number of speculative-priced bets, which really make a season if one or two get there head in front. As followers will know, we rarely give selections less than 11/4 and generally we are looking for 4/1+ with an emphasis on each way bets. Considering we had a 50% place rate this season we have been pretty consistent. The big money comes from those infrequent 20/1, 25/1 & 33/1 shots (bigger on Betfair and other exchanges) which transform a so so year into something truly spectacular. Next season will see an emphasis on these type of selections. For that reason alone it is worth keeping an eye on the blog: signing-up to our free tips by email or mobile phone.

We will continue to follow the all-weather racing until the New Year but the postings will not be on a daily basis until the Flat season begins in March 2010. To be fair, the general standard of juvenile running on the all-weather is often quite poor and last season I rarely noted any bets of interest. If I do see something worthy as a bet, I will send the tips as per usual although I can imagine this period of time being quiet. It is good to have a breather at the end of a long season and recharge the batteries to come back bright eyed and eager for winners. In addition, I will be researching the H.C.E database and analysing each and every trainer. This is particularly important for our statistical bets and to understand those gems of knowledge, traits & trainer characteristics that make our selections stand out from the crowd. The fact that we specialize with two-year-old racing is of particular interest to many as this is a niche market.

I hope all our readers have enjoyed the blog and found it a source of winners and interest too. It has taken a huge amount of time to follow the entire Flat season.

Remember to keep our text/email because the new season always comes round quicker than you imagine. There will be plenty of exciting tips for you to consider and we are confident you will benefit from those speculative bets we are keen to advise.

Thanks for all the support from readers, fellow bloggers and the H.C.E team who have made this a winning season.

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