Monday, 7 January 2013

How To Gain Greater Website Traffic With Google Trends

I cant say I'm a wizard with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I'm sure many a reader - especially bloggers - will think I'm telling a pork pie because a number have emailed me over the years asking: ''How do you get so high in the search engines for specific keywords?'' For ''Racing Tips'' we are quoted as ''High'' on Alexa which is a leading web information company. In fact, for that very key word we are presently positioned number two on page one of Google. We are only succeeded by the Racing Post. I can hardly believe it myself. There's no magic wand or tricks. Basically, we have such a position because where other websites come and go - we are relentless - in posting. However, I do take an interest in SEO. If I could replicate such success in a quick fix for other websites I would probably be a rich man by now. 

Google Trends allows you to search for specific key words which give a good idea of peak volume searches. I decided to test the key word ''Racing Tips'' and see what we could glean from such data. This website gives basic analysis worldwide form 2004 to present date and forecast. 

Interestingly, on a world basis for the key word search ''Racing Tips'' Ireland has the highest search volume index. With the United Kingdom second best and Australia third. Regional interest by city revealed Dublin had the highest volume followed by Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham & London, respectively. Information for Ireland detailed Sligo the highest volume of searches, while Limerick, Galway, Kildare, Cork & Dublin. The reason for this could be many and varied. All we can say is that by volume they feature highly.

With regard to other related terms ''Horse Racing, ''Horse Racing Tips'' & ''Horse Tips'' had a vastly greater search volume than ''Free Tips''. 

Take a look at this link to appreciate the data for yourself.  

The volume of searches for ''Racing Tips'' was at an all-time high in July, 2004. With a low in December, 2010. In the nine year period publications who attained the most volume were The Telegraph, Daily Mail, ABC Online & The Guardian. 

The forecast for peak search volume indicates that March, 2013 will be high - no doubt related to Cheltenham Festival - tailing off towards the end of the year.

Using this information as key words within your blog titles, blog posts and related uses could see you achieve greater website traffic.



Neil said...


Interesting how google uses a cached summary of a recent blog entry in its preview on the search results.

So at the moment for "racing tips" it is showing some of your Steady Eddy post, which doesn't necessarily describe your site.

Also, you are the 2nd and 3rd results on google's first page of results for "daily beach babes" :-) Not that I need to search for that sort of thing you understand - just happy to help the research!


Jason Coote said...

Hi Neil,

It's good to hear from you :-). I like comments. Yes, I must admit the search engines are a mystery to me at times. I am just pleasantly surprised to see we figure high in the pecking order. I know the Steady Eddy info is there at the moment but it's not a problem. It will be more varied when the Flat season starts. Then I intend to make a real statement. I'm pleased with page views so that is what matter at this time.

Thanks for you comment.


Kind regards,

ps: those beach babes are higher than I imagined. I hadn't actually checked them out (that's search engine wise) I'm always looking at