Monday, 20 February 2012

Froch admits to 'deliberately prolonging fight'

Froch conceded he could have finished his 2005 Commonwealth title defence against Ruben Groenewald earlier than he did, but decided to keep the fight going for the purposes of bets placed by his family.
The Nottingham boxer admitted he could have finished the fight in the fourth round, but deliberately avoided doing so due to a number of bets made on it ending in the fifth.
Carl Froch said what he did was not illegal, but the British Boxing Board of Control said it would now speak to the fighter.
"I've done it more than one occasion and it was round five but that's not illegal,” he told BBC Radio Nottingham.
"I can say, 'right, I'll stop this kid in round five'. If I'm good enough to do that then fair enough.
"I don't gamble but my brothers and my friends, they did quite well off it," he said.
"I can openly say that because if I'm good enough to step on the gas in round five and force the stoppage then that's my privilege, and that's what I did in this particular fight at the Arena for the Commonwealth title defence.
"But the problem with that is I held him up in round four. He was there for the taking and I held him up, I got him with a shot, I could have ended up getting done myself in round four."


Neil said...

Disgraceful - this is so close to spot fixing, but not exactly the same. He couldn't guarantee to finish the fight in the 5th round in advance because he could have been knocked down himself before this, or not be able to finish his opponent. However it very similar and if I were him I would have kept my mouth shut.

HCE said...

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, it does seem to be a rather unsavoury point to publicise. What people do to sell a book? But I would have kept my mouth shut even though it (I guess) isn't against the rules. I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't have backed himself to win a substantial amount of money but shouldn't stretch to the truth! Most people who bet on boxing I would presume are boxing fans, to some extent. I can't imagine those who backed him to win in the 4th round would be too enthused to bet again. There must be so much of this kind of this happening. I'm pretty sure David Hay made a similar comment on one of his fights. I think that recent brawl between him a Chisora was over a bet which went wrong. :-) It is disappointing that people seem to relish airing such facts when some poor sod was robbed.