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The Art Of Manliness: I'm A Professional Gambler
The Hidden Cost Of Being A Pro Gambler  

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Becoming A Professional Gambler
Kid Delicious: Pool Hustler
Random Pro Gambler: My Story  
A Tale Of A Pro Gambler 
Meet The 9 - 5 Gamblers  
The Opportunities Of A Professional Gambler: Eddie Murray  

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Peter "redimp"Hunt said...

Thanks for putting those up Jason I really enjoyed reading them. In particular Clive Holt as his Fineform was one of the first racing books I purchased.


HCE said...

Hi Pete,

You're welcome. A few are a little scrappy and I really need to re-write them. It is interesting how they bring insight by also how they have such contrasting perspectives. It proves the point that each has their area of specialism and in that respect there is no right or wrong in terms of what makes profitable betting. It is interesting that many have a stockbroker background. The most important factor for me is that each showed drive and determination to achieve their goals but a disciplined, business-like manner.

Jack Jones the butcher said...

Do you think Holt's stuff is still worth reading?