How to beat the bookies. It's a question many punters have spent a lifetime trying to find the answer.  It isn't easy because, let's face it, the bookmakers wouldn't be in business very long. But that doesn't mean you can't do just that or at the very least have a very good chance of giving them a bloody good fight. 

You will notice from reading the websites, in association with HCE Media, that we know a lot about 2yo horse racing. We make it my business to know the best horses in training and do it expertly. The majority of our websites can be viewed fee of charge. Why? Well, I enjoy helping our readers gain from my thirty-years of experience. 

Clearly, I don't tell everything I know because certain gems of wisdom have taken me an exceptional amount of time and money to develop. The best information has a high price for a very good reason. 

It works. 

This may seem a bold statement but I can tell you 5 pieces of information, which I'm confident can transform your betting and give you an exceptional opportunity. 

Sounds interesting? 

So what are these pointers and how do they work. 

This information details some of the best insight to horses that will run very big races. It will help you find superb win and each way bets.

I'm not sure if many readers will want to pay the money I would need to part with this knowledge. Basically, if I am not tempted by a good return then I'm not interested.

It costs £250. It is a lot of money. However, that's what it is worth to me and I am in no way over charging - in truth it should be more. 

So what will you get for your money.

  • Full refund if we don't return a points profit over the Flat turf season  
  • Exceptional customer service - contact me via email or phone (not that you will need to because this is very easy to follow) 
  • Limited to just 10 members 
  • You are given opportunity of buying another list of 5 pointers for half price 

Make your payment of £250 via Paypal to  Click here to make payment 

Please contact me before purchase, requesting your interest or if you have ant questions via email: 

Always here to help