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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Richard Fahey & The Episode Of Tips For Cream Teas

Richard, they're ready!
I've been searching for inside information.

I heard on the grape vine Richard Fahey is a lover of the traditional cream tea. You know the sort of thing - freshly cooked scone, mega serving of cream, dollop of jam. And a good old cuppa, of course . All home made by me on my antique Arga in the windy Fens. They go down a storm at the local W.I and the church stall. Well, I phoned Richard's secretary and told her about the deal of scones for inside information. She seemed reluctant at first but soon come round with my chatter about Beverley racecourse and kept her sweet with talk of my Gran's secret jam recipe. She said she would pass on the message. Well, I am still shaking as I recount this story now. Within a few seconds the phone was ringing. I just knew it was him! I had a vision in my mind. His secretary must have quickly texted him on the gallops. He was probably in the middle of watching Wootton Bassett with the owners. However, upon seeing the scone offer raced back to the stables so he wouldn't be disturbed as we talked cream teas. I was lost in thought but jolted into action as the phone rang like never before. As you can imagine, I was in a state of bewilderment. Excited. All those tips. The smell of scones filled the air as I picked up the receiver. All went quiet for a second or two... I imagined he was composing himself trying not to sound too keen because I guess he's heard I cook a lovely scone. Then he spoke. Those dulcet tones:  ''Can you get some milk from the shop?''

It was my brother.           

Oh well, we know what we are having for elevenses.