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Monday, 26 March 2012

Busy Bee...

Busily blurred
I've been pretty busy today. The major part updating The Horse Trainer Website Directory. It is really taking shape and I'm determined to have every trainer updated before Saturday, so I can concentrate on the two-year-old racing season. I see the Brocklesby Stakes first entry stage has been published. This is always a fascinating race. I will be chatting about this contest in greater detail. 

I have been introduced to some really helpful people over the last couple of days. I joined Racing Twits  after finding it on Phoenix Racing Adsense advert. It pays to click on these things if you are curious like a cat. Clint is a member. too. They seem a good-natured bunch with about 200 members. I've exchange a number of links with some professional-looking websites. If you like to chat about horse racing and related fields it's well worth taking a look. The admin are very accommodating and I've not been banned for talking about my blogs and interests, which is refreshing because most ventures/forums are so strict I'm surprised they don't have a sniper sitting on next door's roof just in case I say a word out of place (Punter's Lounge). I have never blatantly sent spam anywhere and I don't mind saying that recent events regarding this matter have seriously annoyed me. Well, that's life, hey. I believe in treating people as they treat me and although a very good natured soul I am an eye or an eye man, so if Cyclops comes-a-knocking at my door, you won't be needing a monocle. If I find out someone highlighted my recent comment regarding The Trainer Websites as spam I will hope the same happens to them. I know I should keep calm...but this matter really gets my goat.  

As I was saying, I have received some very helpful comments/advice from people from Racing Twits and Twitter. It is much appreciated. As I have always said, I will do my best to support other's goals and publicise worthwhile promotions/causes. 

More of the same tomorrow. We have a new page on The Horse Trainer Website Directory supporting Racing Welfare. If you have a charity which holds a place in your heart then check out this page and send me an email if you wish a link to be updated.