Sunday, 1 January 2012


I'm glad you're reading this. I need your help. As the two-year-old season has come and gone, the long wait for the new Flat Turf season has begun, but for the moment I need something to fill my ten-gallon hat & cowboy boots. Well, what are we going to do? I have decided to leave that question with you. In fact, you can be part of the Yankeeyou experience. Wait a cattle-rustling minute. This could be revolutionary. It's certainly got my betting account in a spin. This is truly a social betting experience because this Yankee has gone global. I want you to make the selections for my Yankee. The first four readers to leave a comment stating their selection for tomorrow's (Monday) racing will be part of our bet. Have you got a winner up your sleeve? Do you want to be part of the populous? You, Yankeeyou, you.

Four selections needed by Monday 11:30am (HELP!!!)

''Getting excited 2/2 - great stuff from the global Yankeeyou tipsters''

''Wow 3/4 and the other ran well after hitting a fence which ruined our chances'' 

''Going to work out the winnings :-)''

Well done, you, Yankeeyou, you

Wow...the Yankyoo has been very popular and the populous have spoken. I will make another post this evening so if you want to have your tip as a bet selection then it's first come first served. Thanks for all those who have taken part. Hope you have picked winners :-). I will have a review of the bet after the results and hope I can post a winning day.