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Monday, 2 January 2012

The Pleasant Critic: A Trader's Journey

The sound of footsteps echo as he draws closer. A pompous man who takes pleasure in sharpening his teeth with a scalpel before plunging them deep into your prose, sucking every last drop of energy from your blog. As his pale hand reaches to push open the door, he stops, thinking for a moment, then walks on...

Sit back. Relax. Light a cigar, enjoying the comfort of your suede smoking jacket in the knowledge you have a winning blog: A Trader's Journey. That gentle knock at the door beholds The Pleasant Critic. A giving man, appreciative, charming, who sings your praises akin to Aled Jones watching the final selection of his treble go clear at a resplendent Ffos Las. Enjoy the warm glow which comes from the realisation that your blogging community commends your efforts. 

The Pleasant Critic recommends this worthwhile read. 

A Trader's Journey 

100 not out

Well, as we aproach the end of 2011 and prepare to enter 2012 I find myself writing my 100th post on my blog. And what a journey it has been. Initially I started trading football and despite learning some useful strategies in my time over at I was unable to turn a profit. I didn't lose money either but things never went as planned. Reasons for this? Lack of discipline and lack of patience really. Cutting short the winning trades and letting the losing ones ride!!

Earlier this year I learned about the now closed This changed everything for me, trading in play horse racing suited me down to the ground, it mirrors my day job whereby I am under pressure and have to think quickly. Initially I made mistakes but Mark helped me massively and some of the emails he sent me can only be described as inspirational. Ironically Mark his now hanging up his trading boots and returning to the corporate world.

Because the horse trading has been going so well my thoughts naturally turned to the "I could do this full time" scenario, afterall this is what I want, to become a "pro" I set myself aside a few days where I was (almost) allowed the luxury of time alone to trade. I really looked forward to this time but the reality was that I'm not actually very good at being on my own. My job involves me being around a lot of people with a lot of noise.The thought of doing this day in day out wasn't as I imagined. Plus, when you are at home the wife and kids can't relate to you being at "work" and "Dad I need a lift into town" doesn't go down too well in the early stages of a 5f sprint at Wolverhampton.

The long and short of it is that if I can carry on the way I have been going that I can add a decent sum to my yearly salary and I will be happy with that.I wouldn't make a very good pro gambler and do I need to be? The "Daddy" of all bloggers Cassini does it part time and makes it why can't I.

Finally a thank you to the few that read my blog and to those who provide me with traffic.I feel really positive about what next year may bring trading wise and wish all my friends in the betting community a happy and prosperous new year.