Friday, 6 January 2012

The Pleasant Critic: Phoenix Racing

The sound of footsteps echo as he draws closer. A pompous man who takes pleasure in sharpening his teeth with a scalpel before plunging them deep into your prose, sucking every last drop of energy from your blog. As his pale hand reaches to push open the door, he stops, thinking for a moment, then walks on...

Sit back. Relax. Light a cigar, enjoying the comfort of your suede smoking jacket in the knowledge you have a winning blog: Phoenix Racing. That gentle knock at the door beholds The Pleasant Critic. A giving man, appreciative, charming, who sings your praises akin to Aled Jones meeting the Choir Boy (Walter Swinburn) on a summer's evening at Windsor, before heading toward those city lights. Enjoy the warm glow which comes from the realisation that your blogging community commends your efforts. 

Phoenix Racing is recommended as a great read.