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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Make mine a double...

Ok, you visit your local bookies. But what's your bet? Are you a singles man? Perhaps a quick double is your favourite tipple. A treble? Patent...trixie? Or with a change of accent and a ten gallon hat - in true John-Inman style - you rush to the window with a Yankee. Why not go over the border for a Canadian? Forget the cheap super market line of alphabettie spaghetti and go for a Heinz. You devil...A Super Heinz. Sounds like having beans on toast with extra tomato ketchup just for the buzz. So you want the best brands? But enough about my ramblings. What I'm interested in learning from readers is what is your favourite bet? Why does it meet your needs? Or which bet do you really hate which drives you to distraction when you see it placed? Don't be shy, leave a comment and I bet we have a winner post (perhaps).