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Monday, 9 January 2012

The Little Diary

I have always wanted to write a diary - but like so many people never found the time. Firstly, you should realise this is not a fully-blown warts-and-all chronicle of every aspect of my gambling life, thoughts & trivialities.

My approach to horse racing is akin to being stuck on a conveyor belt because once the two-year-old racing begins my routine doesn't stop. The Flat racing year may not seem a lengthy period of time but it can feel relentless at its peak. The simple fact is that I either keep up with the pace or drop behind. In essence my endeavours mirror the horses which race everyday. I either win - or at least show I have more ability than most - or I have lost.

This year is probably the most important of my life from a betting point of view. I can afford to be second best on occasions but in truth I need to win. I have worked tirelessly for many years to be up to this task. Make no mistake winning at gambling is not impossible but neither an easy task. It takes a dedication, talent, ability - like any other job - to even attempt this goal. You don't just wake up one morning and find you are a professional gambler. It is important to understand that I don't need to be the best gambler on earth to continue this adventure, passion, living. However, I must be that little better than most - and tirelessly maintain that burning ambition to dare to dream.

From mid March, I will write a summary of my day - The Little Diary. This will be no more than a snapshot of my gambling. Sometimes a solitary, boring paragraph. Other times the most amazing, passionate, wonderful description of my personal bliss. On occasions I will be stressed, depressed, manic and perhaps on the verge of tears.

I never said this gambling lark was easy!

This is my story...

Make sure you read these entries on a daily basis because with each new summary the old one will be erased. Just like this betting year, there is no going back, no time to dwell on the past, because my heart will be thumping as fast as the horse's hooves which I bet.

On a personal note, I wish each and every horse a safe, injury-free career. Run like the wind my beautiful two-year-olds. For some equine stardom may beckon for others you will forever make your owners proud. For all of the want to win it will never be at the expense of your good fortune. 

To all readers, follow your dreams...let's see where they lead.    

(First entry mid March)