Friday, 13 January 2012

Don't Be Superstitious Or Wish You Had Been Born On A Different Day

Fred, loved the card & the book token 
Not too much to say. Well, apart from it being my birthday. It's Friday 13th, and my name is Jason. There is no justice in the world, hey. Some people have a birthday on Valentine's Day and their name is Romeo. Perhaps, I'm best sticking to the horror theme after all. I'm not superstitious. Well, I can't be with a name and birthday like mine. In fact, If I see a random ladder in the street, curiosity usually leads me to climb to the top. Why is there never anything more exciting than a pot of paint? Very annoying. 

Nothing too interesting to think about on the racing front. With no two-year-old racing until the start of the new Flat season it really is a twiddle-my-thumbs-and-look-out-of-the-window-like-an-old-dear period of my life. Feeling unsettled by it all to  be honest. I need to crack on with things but if there is no two-year-old racing then that's life. I will just have to spy on the neighbours (joke). I don't understand any other age group of horse as it doesn't mean anything. In fact, it makes me realise how much I know about my field of speciality. It's like wearing 3D glasses. Those gems of wisdom - which have taken years to understand - shoot towards me like a scene from Star Wars. In fact, an Ewok just flew over my right shoulder but in timely fashion whispered the name of a horse (Somethingboutmary).

When I look at other sports I may as well be reading a blank piece of paper. The only way I can win at gambling is to know that little bit more than most. I don't mind being modest and saying I do with regard to the two year olds. I'll stick to what I know and feel confident in that approach.

Good luck to all those who have a wager or two.