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Monday, 9 January 2012


1. The majority of trainers are unlikely to have 2yo winners – stick with the most proven

2. Whatever price, two-year-olds find it difficult to win on debut, especially against experienced horses, and this factor is compounded when running on a turning track

3. Allow time for early-season form to settle as even the trainers need time to appreciate the standing of their youngsters. The best bets are worth the wait. What are your reasons for betting? Stick to proven form or significant data - ideally both. There is no room for second guessing. 

4. Experience is a huge advantage for any two-year-old and it can be a great leveller against even the most talented debutantes. Few trainers give a smart horse a hard race on its first start. 

5. Let horses prove they have a winning level of form – it is often too easy to imagine the form is proven when it is not (there is no rush). Never second guess a horse's ability because they are prone to lose.  

6. Two-year-olds have a much greater strike rate on their second start than when making their racecourse bow – for many it is their day to shine. 

7. Be very careful of juveniles which show poor temperament as they rarely win even if talented individuals. Take a closer look at the opposition as there may be value elsewhere. 

8. Some two-year-olds show great consistency running on numerous occasions. However, after 4/5 races others begin to regress and may disappoint at short prices. If you notice subtle changes in a horse's character it can be a sign they resent racing. Bookmakers love these horses. It pays to be cautious, especially if a horse is favourite with plenty of runs under its belt. Most regress at some point - don't push your luck. 

9. If a stable is out of form, wait until they have a change of fortunes. Conversely, take advantage of trainers who are having a purple patch. Always take note of this factor before betting because it is often overlooked.   

10. Wait for good value bets. You should bet because it makes sense financially. Bookmakers have to play every race but you may use your expertise & selectivity as a strength. Good value bets should speak for themselves. To appreciate this factor, simply compare your bets. You will note that some are much stronger than others. Why do certain bets stand out as being particularly strong? Analyse this qualitative data and you are one step closer to achieving your goals. Listen to yourself, taking note of your inner voice, because it often speaks the truth. Bet with confidence. Learn from your mistakes and move forward in a professional manner. Be disciplined and plan for the future.