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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Quiet Day...But That Witch Keeps Picking Winners

She Tipped 16/1 Winner
You will be relieved to learn I'm not going to talk about religion, churches or Xmas beyond this sentence. Although I would like to use one quote which resonates with me: ''In giving we receive.'' Those words are forwarded to Mark (Patient Speculation). He was lucky enough to win our book competition and just like my good friend he shows his appreciation by sending me a book: A Philosopher's Notes by Brian Johnson. Many thanks. I may be a difficult little soul to understand at times but I am like an elephant, never forgetting those who have a heart. 

Just a couple of two-year-old races today but neither of any great interest to me so I will not write a post. I would rather write because I have something informative to put down on paper than ramble for the sake of it. You know I'm good at rambling but even that needs some direction. The beast need restraining. As Stephen King wrote: ''All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.'' I'm feeling bored just reading this back so if your eyes glaze over please don't phone one of these no win no fee legal firms saying you need a cornea transplant because they fogged up from my abrasive words. I won't hold it against you! Believe it or not, I do need a spark of interest to light up my prose. Burning rather than throwing them in the bin! Now there's a thought.

I have been watching the PDC World Championship Darts. I hope no one suffered by literally backing Denis Ovens against Kevin Munch. I can't say I paid too much attention to the betting, but Ovens must have been odds on favourite before the start of the match. However, it must have been common knowledge - or informed - that he was struggling with a bad back an hour or two before the start of the contest, which started late yesterday evening. It soon became clear that Ovens had little chance, clearly wincing in pain as Munch cruised to a one set lead. At the interval, Ovens retired from the contest. I imagine those who bet either won or lost respectively, but it does bring into question whether Ovens should had been allowed to play at all. A contentious point, but one that needs addressing in a day where such knowledge could be used to advantage if not corruption. It proves the point how hazardous betting can be. Many a time we question whether a horse is fit. I've never thought about a darts player in quite the same light. You can take nothing for granted.     

The tipping competition leader board has been transformed with Me Old Mum shocking the world and his wife with a 16/1 winner. She is presently whizzing around some darkened corner of the earth on her broomstick terrifying innocent children with black magic. If you have never heard of Me Old Mum, she looks very similar to the Wicked Witch Of The West (or is that East, always get those sisters mixed up). In fact she is the spitting imagine of Frank Baum's character from The Wizard of Oz. I will add a photo from her profile just for those of a curious nature. I give her credit, she is good with her tips. Good to see Clint join the tipping competition. The more the merrier. Although, saying that, if a thousand people turned up asking to join I would probably have a nervous breakdown. I would draw the line at 20 max. I only do it to keep our little band of regulars happy. 

I'm just having a restful day.  

Have a good day.