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Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday Monday...And Land Ahoy: ''Me Old Treasure''

Another week. No two-year-old racing today so it is time to start my annual data research looking at every trainer through my giant magnifying glass. I do all my studying manually rather than using fancy software. Not only do they cost a small fortune, I feel to gain a true sense of a trainer it takes time. Throughout the season I notice variables which are worthy of investigation. From a solitary horse, to a string, to a season, then seasons and an understanding of what they can achieve. The interesting factor about this research is that you never really know what you will find.

It's like panning for gold. Those little golden flecks of knowledge which make the everyday into something spectacular. Well, that's the theory. I must admit my research has led to a number of gems which over the years have become some of my most confident bets. A quick analysis of this information can be seen under the category Five-Shot Bullet Points where a select number of trainers are highlighted for strengths and weakness. Unfortunately - it's the nature of the beast - the most informative seams of gold are kept in the HCE Vault. Only two people have the key to that door. However, if you are a regular reader of HCE race previews I often detail these very facts but in such a way that they will slip by without revealing their significance. Such is my hope that HCE offers insight which even the most noted websites would struggle to attain.  So over the next few months I will be reviewing each and every trainer - big and small - and see if I can find a few more gems to add to the treasure chest. As the pirate says: x marks the spot.

I will be following Clint's selections on his Phoenix Racing blog. He is in flying form after hitting two big quad bets over the weekend. Great to see the blogging community going great guns and providing readers with a valuable source of winners. I would advise all new readers to take a look at our blog list which feature a wide range of sports betting blogs and traders.