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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I'm Having A Generic Mono-moment

If you hadn't noticed, it's Tuesday. Talking to myself. Days, weeks, months, if not years, are blurring into a mono-moment. I still have a semi stiff neck. I said that with an American i so it garners more sympathy. Everything is bigger, better and more brutal in the USA. Rambling, hey. Perhaps my best posts are the ones where I don't actually say anything about horse racing. Wouldn't that be a bizarre twist. It's probably true. 

Obviously at some point in this post I have to talk about that dreaded h-word. Horse racing. I hope that doesn't bring any sighs. It will be more of a passing mention as there is no two-year-old racing today. I notice there is some Flat racing action tomorrow. Like a long lost friend (two days) I am looking forward to seeing the two-year-olds stretching their legs. I don't really enjoy the NH. Can't get into it and I don't like seeing horses fall. I think I strained my neck trying to see if a faller got up, while everyone else cheered on the winner. Perhaps I'm too sentimental. 

I received a text this morning about a horse running tomorrow, at Kempton. 'Sounds encouraging,' that's what I replied. I don't know about encouraging, I want to say 'WINNER'. Time will tell. I must thank our mole.

You may wonder what my reference to the generic comment is about. Perhaps you thought that was my whole post! Never. That would be a terrible thought. It would make me smile. That's my kind of humour. No, I am talking about a certain business/individual who keeps leaving one-sentence comments supposedly relating to a post, article or whatever they notice. But really (there is no fooling me) it's a blatant advert. No! News flash. If I was watching a very old episode of Batman a ''KAPOW'' (plus a gloved fist) would be on your monitor right now. I am not really offended by the generic comment brigade. I guess we have all done it. However, this certain name is relentless. In fact they are probably more frequent  than many regulars. It's like a game of cat and mouse. In addition, I have planted a number of traps with cheese, money even a winning betting slip to tempt. They have been on the verge of having their comment published. They could quite easily have a number of comments published because I'm not some mean, moody, stiff-necked-mono-moment man. Well, not all the time. I have peaks and troughs like any human being! All you have to do is actually read the post and reply with an element of interest, enthusiasm...something that makes me realise it is a person rather than a robot hitting a keyboard with a hammer. Although, please keep sending the generic comments in some shape or form as I would miss their daily appearance. One day you might get lucky.

You may have noticed I had a couple of new affiliate adverts: The Random Shop & the very catchy-named Buy Personalized Gifts. Please don't click on these links. I just put them on the blog for decoration. It's a facade. One goes to Help The Aged and the other is a feed to provoke my generic commentator. 

I'm having a good study day. Will be following Phoenix Racing, too.