Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The End Is Nigh

Perhaps I should say the end is neigh. I'm talking about the end of the Flat turf season rather than my very being. Sometimes I feel there isn't that much between the two! I gave a couple of HCE Regular selections today and both finished 5th. It is disappointing. It is probably a blessing that the tipping season will halt on Saturday. In fact, it has come to a conclusion today. I can't say I have been happy with this season's performance. It has been a very stop-start year of giving tips, then having long spells where no selections have been given.

To be honest I have found it very difficult to implement selections in a way which works. It may sound a ridiculous thing to say but it is a problem I have always struggled to resolve. At our best we are ultra selective but that doesn't fit the general mind set of gamblers who want a steady flow of tips. I am sure there are bloggers/tipsters who give more selections in one week than we could in a year! That doesn't make sense to most people. In ways there is no reason why we shouldn't given many more tips but that is the nature of a very personal beast which has to feel right. I guess I am a pipe and slippers man without realising. I hope that makes sense. I am sure many blogs which give tip selections know exactly what I mean. This can be a very transient business, endeavour...passion. 

The annoyance with it all is that our race previews are generally spot on giving insight and reasoning which I feel has a lot to offer our readers. Take today: I give a tip which loses in a race where I highlighted a juvenile which placed at 28/1. There is no logic at times. But that is the elusive key with winning and losing. To have that wisdom to make the right decision time, time again.  I have always struggled to find the best way of utilising our knowledge of two-year-old racing in a way which works as a tipping service. However, for whatever reason I do not feel our understanding has always translated to that format. 

My personal success this year has been respectable. Good enough to do this as a living so it is not all bad news. However, I am never satisfied. Where does it end?

I am presently working on a new venture which I am very confident will work for me. But whether it can be implemented to work as a tipping service for HCE readers/subscribers only time will tell. That is the problem of giving tips. It may sound stupid but there is a lot more to success than finding winners. From thinking to actually emailing a tip selection can feel like a long journey. Perhaps I should take one of those car travel sickness pills! Perhaps I need the constitution of an ox (which thinks like a horse). It is finding an approach which works in a user-friendly format. I take my hat off to those within the blogging community who can find that perfect fit which retains the highest standards but an approach which works seamlessly on a daily basis. That really is the mark of a true winner.