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Monday, 7 November 2011

The Chess Players Gambling World

Persons with intellectual and analyzing abilities are candidates to be chess players. Chess requires readings on how to play it with deep understanding. It requires you to know the role of all the pieces. How each piece can control or block the move of an opponent piece to an advantage.
Each piece has its own place of strategy , so that the first move position could determine the flow of the game.

The chess player will demand a place that is soundproof, quiet and clean. His work requires deep concentration . He decides what pieces to move to capture all opponents to his side in the shortest time possible.
That is the objective of the chess game. Sounds easy but it is a difficult game. Moves are calculated to anticipate what moves must be done to make his opponent's pieces to where he wants them to be.
Chess tournaments can hold as much as a hundred pairs of participants. A pair is seated facing each other with the chessboard between them. A clock or timekeeper is set at the side of the table. Once a player presses the button, his opponent must start making his move at the shortest time as necessary. The process of moves goes on until the time allotted for the game is over.
Let's take a look at the scenario on how the chess player lives and gears up for a competition. What qualities or characteristics does a chess player have that makes him a potential winner? The professional chess player is a disciplined man, He knows his responsibilities to himself and to his team or his country.
He accepts this challenge and does not go to battle unprepared or unconditioned mentally and physically. He submits himself to confinement or isolation from social obligations to establish peace of mind. He must not be disturbed for things that do not have any meaning to the game.
In the meantime, family, friends, fans and the media are held at a distance to warrant safety and protection, thus his exposure to the public is limited His team mates, manager, staff are the only ones most likely to socialize with him. They understand the prevailing situation of teamwork for the benefit of their chess player competitor
All organizational plans such as venue , country host, time are all left to his managers. Of course he has a say to the purse or money wins. His daily work schedule is primed to make the most of the day fruitful and peaceful. His daily walks or joggings are kept to a minimum to avoid fatigue or unnecessary exposure to extreme. heat or cold. His diet is strictly monitored to ensure well protection from sickness. His blood pressure is constantly monitored so that his comfort is kept at a level where he feels alert all the time. His schedule for the day is centered on practice sessions with the staff or team mates.
This can go on at certain times only to limit fatigue to the mind. It is best that there is a sense of balance in all the activities setup for the player. Bear in mind that the game is based on speed. That is why the game is called Speed Chess because of the time element involved. It is how fast you can decide and make a move to your advantage.
It could be a lonely life to the chess player but only when the competition fever is on,