Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Wandering Mind... XL Tips & HCE Regular

It has been one of those days. After all that building up for the XL Tip (1:40 Nottingham) Bella Ponte, who touched 50/1 at the off, was withdrawn after refusing to go in the stalls. It wasn't much of a race and I was disappointed Gallagher's two-year-old didn't take his chance. I had an each way bet to win a few thousand and felt half confident of a good show. I will keep you posted for the next ''biggie'' which might be this one again. A HCE Regular Tip was given on His Royal Highness (3:35 Lingfield). I wasn't impressed by the performance.

Whether this youngster didn't enjoy the blinkers is any one's guess but I can't help feel he is capable of better. The problem with giving tips on a regular basis is knowing where to draw the line between quality and quantity. It is drives me to distraction. I know that every 10/1 shot isn't going to win and that is why betting is a long term game. However, trying to find that happy line between the two is a constant source of irritation to me. Ideally, I would just stick to very selective tips as seen with HCE Elite. They are second to none. In fact, I would advise anyone to back these selections without question because you will never lose money and they hold a consistency which brings an air of confidence which is the key to successful betting. The trouble with this selective approach is that tips are so infrequent people forget the service exists. For that reason, we have been giving HCE Regular Tips on just about a daily basis. I feel we need to raise the bar and be a little more choosy to maintain the highest standards. In future, Regular Tips will be given a couple of times a week. if it's a choice between quality or quantity then I would rather practice a little patients and appreciate the former.