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Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Online Betting Guide: Supporting Your Favourite Blogs

I know what you're  thinking, another banner hoping beyond hope that someone actually dares to click and join The Online Betting Guide. Well, they say you don't get if you don't ask so here goes. Why join OLBG? Because it is FREE. Takes no more than a minute of your time. In fact all you need is an email and choose a user name and Bob's your uncle - you open the door to a brilliant website. I defy any gambler, football fan, horse racing aficionado or sports addict not to find something of interest. The best way to appreciate what is on offer is to click the banner below and see what they have going on. Also, if you enjoy our little blog then this is a great opportunity to show your appreciation. For each new member we receive a small commission, which goes towards the prize money on our tipster competition. So if you can spare a moment of your time - and that's all it will cost you - join and make our day. :-)