Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bad News Travels Fast But It's Not As Quick As Bubble Chic

How does the quote go? ''A week in politics is a long time.'' Well, a day in blogland feels even more enduring. Today will be the most successful day ever for High Class Equine - if you measure success by page views. However, it is true bad news travels fast as the only reason for such relatively huge numbers is because I posted questioning where Becher's Brook blog had vanished. Since then many people have responded and turned this topic into a Twitter sensation which doesn't sit comfortably with me. 

After a recent post expressing concerns about comments left I have removed them and will leave it to those who it may concern. I don't feel comfortable with this being a platform for people to air their thoughts and wish all those well and a positive outcome. Best wishes to all concerned.  On a brighter note, I would like to congratulate Neil for finding the only winner in this week's tipping competition with Bubble Chic. A comfortable win. Neil is presently in second position on this month's leader board, just pipped by Bobby Talk and Uncle Keith in third. Still plenty of time for everyone to have a purple patch and win, win, win.