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Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Wandering Mind...Who Is Bobby Talk?

A Wandering Mind...

Another long day. Not too many two-year-old races to consider from a betting point of view. I had one wager on Cherry Street (4:00 Goodwood). An HCE Elite Tip. I felt confident with three places and then a dreaded non runner and down to seven. For a fraction of a difference on the place bet, I would much rather have three places. Two places makes me feel nervous. Well, I had a few quid win and place on Betfair (3 places). Balding's juvenile ran well, held every chance at the furlong pole, but couldn't quite master John Gosden's winners. It seems unfair when he had such a good day! Surely, he can share a little of that victorious feeling around? (Joking, of course). Good luck to him. I would like to thank Mark of Patient Speculation blog for highlighting HCE Tipping Competition - under the spotlight. To be honest, I was pleased lots of new entrants didn't arrive because it can be quite time consuming. Our select gathering of tipsters are really very good judges. I am amazed how many horses run big races at fancy odds. As a little experiment I may run a profit and loss table just to see how we fair over the month. In fact, if you had backed all the selections as advised you would have had around 30pts profit today. I will keep a tally for the month just to see if these wise old owls keep a-hooting. Bobby Talk found a nice 10/1 winner. I do get an idea of the tipsters from the emails they send. Little hellos, morning, thank you - they all help build a picture of the people behind the names. Bobby Talk. Who are you? He is a newbie so not gleaned any insight from his emails just yet. It is great that each week the regulars arrive - tip in hand - to battle for the monthly prize. It's all good.