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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Wandering Mind: Fickledom

I had a win and place bet on Silver Blaze. Disappointing to lose  in a photo although I have been lucky of late with a couple of bets that have gone my way when it looked unlikely. There is a small line between winning and losing. In many ways there is no logic to fortune in the course of a day. I laid some of the potential win bet on the photo and still had the place bet so won a few quid but nothing amazing. I have been reading a few blogs. Phoenix Racing is having a fine time of things and good luck to him.
Everyone has their own ways and who is to say what is right or wrong. If it works for them then that is all that matters. When the money is coming in it can seem very easy but I, personally, wouldn't dare stake potentially half my bank on a lay bet. On a similar vein I read Wayward Lad's blog. I must admit I do enjoy Ian's posts and have a lot of respect for his opinion. I noticed that one reader left a comment, which was quite thought provoking. In ways it questioned Ian's ''Betting like a man'' post. What struck me was that betting is such a personal thing that we have to follow what works for us as an individual. No doubt we can all learn from others and that is why it is great to have our little blogging community. I quite enjoy the frank nature of conversations. I must admit a times writing a daily posts can seem like a thankless task. I guess compared to many blogs HCE is quite successful. We have been here a long time and I am still trying to learn what works and not. To be honest, I often wander if I have actually moved forward on that point. It can be a fickle business. A fickle passion. I had an email from Neil today responding to my question of thoughts on creating a new racing blog. It would be lovely to create a blog which became super popular but I really don't know how. If anyone has a cracking idea for new super breed of blog leave a comment.