Monday, 12 September 2011

A Quiet Few Days...

Look: Is That A Cloud? 
Just a quick note to say from tomorrow I'm going to the three-day meeting at Great Yarmouth and won't be updating the blog over this period. I was wrestling with the thought of doing so down the coast but taking a few days rest without excessive thinking, technology, gadgets and internet cafes seems the sensible solution. I simply want to enjoy gale-force winds, look as though I have just been rescued from twenty-foot waves if the rain comes down in buckets and watch my candy floss swirl across the north sea like a pink cloud. The joys of racing. I hope to back a winner or two. Sods Law there won't be anything of interest at Great Yarmouth but everywhere else will be opportunities abound. I can tell I will regret not going to Folkestone. Looking forward to visiting Caister. As a child I loved my summer holidays there. Innocent times. Beautiful days. Dad always loved his racing.

Be lucky.