Sunday, 25 September 2011

It Has All Gone Very Quiet...

With Saturday's racing squeezed into such a time frame that there is barely time to take a breath between each race, Sunday is relaxed, refined...and boring.

To be fair, I quite like a rest day and with just three two-year-old races - nothing inspiring - I have taken the decision to not write a racing analysis post today. There is little point writing something to fill a space when I have no great opinion on today's events. So we concluded the month's tipping competition with Me Old Mum victorious. She will be revelling in the fact she keeps beating the boys.

Well, you have October to teach her a lesson!

I am interested in hearing the views of tipsters near and far about competing in a Professional Tipping Competition. It would follow a similar format to our Saturday contest but each entrant pays £10 and the winner takes the pot. If we can find 11 entrants that's a nifty £100. Not a bad proposition if you fancy yourself as a winner. It would be interesting if a few tipping websites took up the mantle because it would be good publicity, too. HCE would simply run the competition to guarantee impartiality. If you are interested then leave a comment or send me an email at (It doesn't make any difference to me whether it happens or not but I like to bring a new twist to proceedings and see where it leads.)

You may have noticed HCE has a link to HCESTATBETS. This is a new format for these selections  because it works much more efficiently here than its normal home with the Online Betting Guide (OLBG). I can hone selections to their maximum potential as many are dependent on market analysis, which fluctuates to extremes, and this approach has more flexibility. This will lead to much-improved result, which is an exciting prospect as the stat bets have been going very well. Take a look at the new site and give us your feedback. We are interested in hearing your opinions and improving our blogs. Just tell us about that bright idea which gallops around in your head and we may even develop a blog just for you.

Thanks for your support.