Monday, 22 August 2011

A Wandering Mind...He's Been Bitten?

A Wandering Mind...
Nothing comes easy, hey. I'm talking about me and Richard Fahey as we watched Kimbali limbering-up for the 3:00 Hamilton. I decided in light of my comical post to have a bet on the infamous Kimbali. For much of the race, I was in a transition stage to becoming a zombie-like creature. My paleness was boarding paper white. My finger nails, naturally short, bitten frantically in the time it takes to run 6f. If I had been part of a real-world zombie nightmare, I'm sure at the three furlong pole someone would have shouted: ''He's been bitten?'' As Fahey tucked into his cream tea and thoughts of selling his claimer for 20,000gns, the colour came back to my cheeks as Kimbali manfully fought for the lead, clambering up the Hamilton hill, like a horse possessed. I needed a good, cold drink of holy water after that, with a drop of vodka to calm the nerves.

After the race, I couldn't help but smile looking at Betfair's in-running market. Only yesterday I was chewing the sprat about catching a big fish with a minnow - ideally a blue whale with plankton - when I noticed Sonko has touched 1.01 in-running. By Jove the clues were there. Tortoise. Hare. Comments aplenty. I really need to listen to myself more often! I noticed that some fiend had managed to plunder 40/1+ on Zimbali when all looked lost. I'm sure if I had been watching Richard from afar even he would have put his cream tea to one side as he looked over his glasses with Hanagan rowing like Ishmael from Mody Dick.

That Hamilton hill deserve strong praise.