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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Wandering Mind...3rd Place Felt Like 1st!

A Wandering Mind...

We gave Mcvicar (5:05 Leicester) as an HCE Elite Tip. I backed Channon's juvenile to win a few bob. Had a largish wager win and place. Felt confident. A big run. However, watching the race seemed like hard work. Mcvicar at the rear. Even after reviewing the race I couldn't quite work out whether the colt had an off day or whether Martin Harley took the hold-up tactics to a completely new level. At points, I thought our horse had fallen out of the back of the TV. Channon's juvenile ran in a similar(ish) manner at Kempton, although I put that down to problems caused by a tight track. To be honest, it looked a remote hope of ever getting into contention and then - slowly but surely - Mcvicar ran on with Harley realising they had a glimmer to close on the leaders, finishing quite well, but third was best on the day. After such an indifferent race, it felt like a winner.