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Saturday, 20 August 2011

HCE Tipping Competition Update: Eye Eye, Captain...Is A Rover's Fan

The popularity of HCE Tipping Competition is swelling like a tsunami. As usual, our regulars have been netting the winners. But who reeled in the catch of the day? All I can say is: 'Eye eye, Captain.' That's Captain Heathcliffe, who could quite easily be navigating Victory to the shore after his superb selection. This month, our newest tipsters have been leading the way and today was no exception with Captain Heathcliffe sailing on the crest of a wave, bagging a nice winner with the never-say-die effort from Doncaster Rover at 5/1 (10pts). In addition, Betmanmike got on the leader board with Tactician 9/1, making the most of his each way selection (0.8pts). However, Blackbooks marked himself as a tipster to follow with York Glory winning in style at 5/2 (5pts). In fact, he takes a narrow lead in the monthly competition. It's still an open contest so keep those selections coming to win a healthy cash prize and one lucky entrant will get their hands on Gary Wiltshire's book: Winning It Back just for making a tip!  

Leader Board
Blackbooks 18.75pts
Alastair Adams 18pts
1Gudguy 16pts
Captain Heathcliffe 10pts
Jodonovan 7pts
Pigney 5.5pts
Inittowinit 5pts
HCE 4.75pts
Betmanmike 0.8pts