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Monday, 22 August 2011

3:00 Hamilton (22nd August) - Result

Kimbali backer - last seen at Pontefract

A Claiming Stakes over 6f 5y on good ground.

I have two horse's names going round my mind: Sonko...Kimbali...Kimbali...Sonko. 

To be fair Kimbali is shouting just the louder. It's funny in my imagination how horses can speak! Richard Fahey must be getting to desperation stakes with this son of Clodovil. In fact, any punters who have backed this attractive colt on each of his starts so far must be a mumbling wreck, nails bitten to the quick, short incisor teeth from prolonged chewing and cursed with empty pockets. It's been a horror show of Hammer House proportions - Kimbali....1,2,3... All we need is for an ashen-faced Vincent Price to turn up for the ride and we know our fate.

However, even on the darkest of days - if you wait long enough - those clouds part and the sun shines. I have a vision of Fahey - cream tea in hand -  basking in the Hamilton sun.

Kimbali has been crying out for this extra furlong and the more testing the finish the better for this youngster. There is little doubt connections thought a winner would have come his way by now. Could it be today? 

Sonko is an admirable little filly. A winner. Twice. (Getting worried, Richard?) This could be a sequel to the epic tortoise and the hare. Sonko speed. Kimbali stamina. Oh the horror if he loses today! 

Conclusion: If you see zombie-like creatures: pale beings, toothless, blood pouring from finger tips, pockets deep 'n' empty you will know Kimbali has lost. However, if he is ever going to win then today is the day. Kimbali...(do us a favour, just win)

HCE: ''It didn't look likely but stamina came into play and Kimbali had the beating of the speedy Sonko.''