Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Quick Note...

I know what you're thinking... What's happened to our tips? This early part of the two-year-old season is a waiting game. Unlike other age groups it takes time for the form to settle and worthwhile opportunities are few and far between. There is no point forcing the issue and searching for selections. Such endeavours are pointless and would show little respect to our subscribers. In addition, this year is going to be even more selective than before. Why? Because we  want to build a reputation for good, strong & confident tips. When we give a selection we want our subscribers to appreciate that it is worth the wait. That it has some substance. That our tips aren't just something we throw away because it has been a quiet spell or to fit in with the crowd. There is a thin line between success and failure. We know which side of the coin you want. We intend this year to go beyond your expectations. To be our best. We cannot guarantee every selection will win. But you can put your faith in our disciplined approach. That requires a patient appreciation. It is a common thread for all successful services.

HCE would like to thank all of our readers and subscribers for your continued support.