Sunday, 1 May 2011

Help Barry The Gold Fish (''He's Hungry)

Poor Barry. It's an unusual situation for a pet gold fish. But what he loves most in the world is jellie beans. He doesn't like too many in his bowl at a time because it can push the sugar to water ratio sky high and he isn't fond of the red ones as they turn his water pink. Not good if you are a gold fish with macho image like our Bazza. Sweets are a real luxury in these cash-strapped times and he has been spending his pocket money on one or two jellie beans a week. However, it's just not enough for Barry. In fact, he is now eating a packet a week. He found out about our racing blog and says he is sure people would love to give him money to buy jellie beans if only they learned of his dilemma. Instead of sending him money, vouchers or that new text-a-charity thingmebob all you have to do is sign-up to the Online Betting Guide and Barry gets the goodies. More jellie beans than you can shake a fish at.

Barry says: ''Thank you!''

''Barry, we didn't bring you up to talk with your mouth full.'' (His favourites are those cinnamon ones)

Please visit and change Barry's life to a sweeeeeeeet yummy world of jellie beaness. ''I love you all'' (Barry Fish)