Saturday, 23 April 2011

Tip Tip Hooray

Yes...I know it's a corny post title but I like those best.

You may have noticed that the initials OLBG have been popping up like mushrooms on High Class Equine. I don't understand where they have come from - they just appeared. Well, I have contacted The Online Betting Guide because I am slightly worried our readers may start following the link and realise all the goodies this website has to offer. I am sure the copywriters at OLBG can tell you all the spiel much better than I can so here goes:

What you need to know about OLBG

•It's completely FREE to enter

•250 prizes every month, totalling £3,000 in prize money

•Free Daily Tips across all sports

•Exclusive Free Bets across all bookies

•Personal tipping leagues for you and your mates

•Virtual bets on a huge range of sports/markets

•Every Football league you can name:  odds, stats, tips

•And just about every other sport under the sun!

(Please note they do not sell mushrooms...)

Here are a few testimonials:

"Superb site!!!"

Deco121, Cork

The best tipsters around on a superb site. A great way to improve your gambling skills and learn more detailed ways of betting on your chosen sport. Very helpful members always willing to help you out and superb competitions and banter amongst the different teams. All the above mean this is the best site in its genre on the net. Superb work everyone...keep it up! ps. IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!

"A regular supply of winning tips across all sports"

Steve, Swindon

Who could ask for more? OLBG have gathered arguably the very best group of sports tipsters from all four corners of the globe (Do globes have corners?) Anyway, regular, reliable tips backed up with extensive reasoning and debate, all add up to make this possibly the very best sports tipping site on the enture world wide web. Not to mention the frendlliest and most helpful, for the most inexperienced to the most techniacl of experts. Come on in and profit from our knowledge

"OLBG has helped me help others"

bluediamond, Welwyn Garden City

My experience of being a member of OLBG has helped my Tipping without the financial stress i have been a member since 2005 and i log in everyday to post my blog i feel very honoured to be one of the few bloggers and it has certainly given me a confidence in my Tipping so that others can benefit through the site. The guys who run OLBG are great and always very helpfull all we need is a horse running in full OLBG colours :

''Wow I can't believe this...''

Bunty from Friday Bridge, Fens

''They have such a selection of mushrooms...'' (OK, enough of that!)