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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

HCE Stat Bets in Association with OLBG

We've been sitting on a gold mine. Well, that is how it feels with HCE'S UNIQUE DATABASE. It's like something from a science fiction film or stolen from NASA. This data goes beyond the norm and gives a truly unique angle on backing two-year-old horses. It is used as part of our tipping methodology. However, it is worthy of interest in its own right. The difference with HCE Stat Bets compared with our selective Regular & Elite service is that it churns out data (tips) on just about every 2yo race. Now we understand that most people don't mind waiting for the best of the best. But for those of you that want some daily fun then HCE Stat Bets could be for you.

So what do I have to do to get HCE Stat Bets?

Well, this is the fun part. To make it that little more interesting we are working in association with The Online Betting Guide (OLBG). If you want to see our Daily Tips you have to follow the link below and join OLBG (it only takes a few seconds) and you can follow HCESTATBETS.

As we like to be honest & fair, I will make it clear that we earn a small commission for each new account HCE gains for OLBG. But I am sure you wouldn't begrudge us that for the time and effort the blog takes and the selections we give for FREE.

OLBG is a FANTASTIC website and we are sure you will be IMPRESSED by their OFFERS.

Stat Bets will be updated on OLBG by 11:30am.

How Do I Access HCE Tips On OLBG? 

Log in go to Members Area, then click My Status. Then look to the left hand categories and My Tipsters. Click on Tipster Alerts. Then Search For A Tipster By Name. You will see a box to type the name of the tipster(s) you wish to follow. Type HCESTATBETS or LITTLEBOYBLUE (for HCE regular/Elite selections, although these will be mailed to you directly by email if you are subscribed with us already). Upon typing the tipster's name in the box it will appear below. Select this. (I understand it is possible to have these tips sent to your own email address too.) Once you have successfully added your tipster(s) you may view the tips by going to the Members Area, select My Status, go to My Tipsters on the left hand side of the page, and below this you will see My Tipster's Selections. All tips related to HCE (either Stat Bets or HCE Regular/Elite will be posted no later than 11:30am).