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Monday, 11 April 2011

Eye Spy With My Winning Eye - A Free Tips Trial

Eye spy with my winning eye something beginning with H.C.E

(Please note our tips service is only available by email and use of the blog from 1st May 2011. Due to the increased numbers of subscribers it is no longer financially viable to send text with our free service. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. HCE)

The selective horse racing informatation service

HCE Regular

This is our regular service where selections are sent by email and text on the day of the race - 11:30am at latest. Tips are selective and will number around 30 - 50 per Flat season.

No tips will be given until the start of the Flat season, which commences on 2nd April 2011. It usually takes a few weeks to gain an understanding of the early-season form. These will feature good, strong confident bets - generally each way selection priced from 4/1 - 10/1 with a few speculative bets to add to the excitement. This season we are playing it safe with very selective bets.

This new season tips are going to be very selective as we feel most people are interested in good, strong, confident tips (as seen in 2009), with a few speculative selections for good measure.

Please note: Previous subscribers need not re-apply

Unfortunately we are not able to text to Ireland.

Many thanks,



Or perhaps you want to join our most selective service ever?

HCE Elite

What is HCE Elite?

It is our most select tipping service to date. If you are looking for lots of selections on a weekly basis then it is not for you. HCE Elite will give just 10 tips throughout the whole of the new Flat season. These are the best of the best making good, confident, strong bets. If you don’t make a profit you get a full refund on your £100 subscription. In fact, we are so confident you will come back for more – this new Flat season is completely FREE.

Why should I be confident in this service?

The problem with so many tipping services is that they churn out endless selections which can be quite concerning at times. Who wants to join a service where one month has huge profits and the next huge losses? I believe the most important requirement of a horse racing information service is confidence & consistency. What do you want in a tipping service? Good, strong & confident bets! Now everyone knows there is no such thing as a certainty and there are no guarantees that all of these selections will win – they won’t. But make no mistake these two-year-old selections will be a force to be reckoned with. They will be the same selections I bet too.

What about the selections?

HCE is dedicated to pinpointing the best two-year-olds in training. We have an in-depth knowledge that few can compete. The majority of selections will be each way, bets at odds of 4/1+. There may be one or two straight win but these will be advised at a minimum price of 5/2. Within the 10 selections there will be at least two speculative bets at 10/1+ prices, and strong selections.

How does the service work?

Please note: Previous subscribers of the regular service (above) need not re-apply for HCE Elite. Elite/Regular selections with be highlighted on email respectively:

HCE Regular

HCE Elite