Saturday, 5 March 2011

'You Give the Worst Tips in the World!

I couldn't help but smile when reading this blog post from  The Footie Tipster. I am sure we have all received the odd comment about having a poor tipping day but clearly this follower had something to get off his chest!

Otelul Galati vs Pandurii Targu Jiu
July 2010

Before today's previewed game, I'd like to reveal a dedication made to me last night by lovable punter Daniel Tatar ( which was eloquently phrased as follows:

"f*** you man! you are the worst tipster in the world! f*** you f*** you! you gave the worst tips in the world!"

Can we have a big "aww" for Daniel please? He's taken the trouble to email that to me; I think your sympathy is the least he deserves! He's been visiting the site for over three months now so it's taken him a while to come up with that so a round of applause wouldn't go amiss either, guys.

Anyway, today's featured game is the Romanian Liga game between Otelul Galati and Pandurii Targu Jiu. Both of these sides are atypical "home" sides in the Romanian Liga so you can guess what kind of droll game we should be expecting from these two sides today.

However, instead of avoiding this game, I've decided to take the plunge and plump for a home win. Why? Well, Otelul Galati were impressively composed and in control of the game in their away win against newly-promoted Sportul Studentesc in their opening day of the season and barely showed any signs of being rusty at all, easing to a 1-0 win as if they'd never even had a break. Otelul are one of the harder sides in the division to beat even if they're not one of the top sides because of their ability to keep the ball and defend intelligently. Otelul have kept an extremely similar squad this season to what they had last season so there's no integration required - they're already familiar with each other. My sole complaint of Otelul would be that I don't think their strikers are good enough to play in their 4-5-1 formation but to be honest, this side scores a lot of goals from midfield so it's not an unusual scenario for the hosts. Otelul are always strong at home and even demonstrated ability on the road last season and with some very promising youngsters coming through in midfield, the future looks quite rosy for Otelul at the moment.

Visitors Pandurii also impressed during their opening game by drawing with a fairly impotent Unirea Urziceni. However, it's worth noting that this is not the usual Pandurii! As anyone who follows the Romanian Liga will have noticed, Pandurii were actually relegated last season. However, International were in financial chaos and withdrew from the Romanian Liga as a result so Pandurii bought International's rights to be in the Romanian Liga. Therefore, this side is largely composed of International players and former Pandurii players but all playing under the mantle of Pandurii Targu Jiu. International were a similar side to Pandurii anyway so it's not a dramatic change for the players tactically! Pandurii are a "stopper" side on the road and will play for the draw here without a shadow of a doubt. They're inferior to the hosts and have suffered Otelul Galati before, although their most recent win against Pandurii was actually at Pandurii rather than in Galati as you may expect. Pandurii will need to score here, in my opinion, especially with Otelul's rise in ability last season and I don't think they're good enough to do so, to be blunt!

Otelul haven't beaten Pandurii at home during their last two attempts. However, they remain a better side nonetheless and they're facing a "different" Pandurii this season. Otelul have a year's experience added on to their emerging talents so I'm hoping that experience plays a key role here and it should be enough to see Otelul win the game. They're genuinely a better side and whilst playing at home on the back of a win, I have to favour the home win today as I believe the odds could and probably should be a shade shorter than they are. This bet won't be everyone's favourite but I like it a lot, probably more than I should! Bear in mind that this game has under 2.5 goals written all over it too.

Verdict: Otelul Galati to win at 4/5.

(I daren't look to see if they won or lost!)

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