Sunday, 13 March 2011

When You Need a Change of Luck Why Not Buy a 'Highly Super Charged Money Magnet'

Charlie is a nice guy, who works a job, and lives alone. For fun, Charlie likes to visit a casino, go to the horse track, especially on a Saturday afternoon, and he also buys lottery tickets. He was tired of always losing, and he decided to shop around for a good luck charm, because he had heard the story of an old lady who worked in the custodial department at the horse track.

It seems this woman would find some pennies and an occasional nickel here and there, when cleaning at the track, and she would save up this money and sometimes when she had enough, she would place a bet. Even though track employees are not supposed to make bets, the lady was chummy with another woman who worked on the betting windows.

When that lady would leave her machine to go get a cup of coffee, usually after the second race, the custodial woman might wander over there, and say hello, and sometimes she would slip her a napkin with her bet written on it, and the crumbled up money wrapped inside. If the ticket lost, the clerk would slip the ticket to the woman, when she went to get a soft pretzel after the fifth race (this was her mid afternoon snack) and if the ticket won, she would cash it in and slip the custodial woman her winnings. The old lady would always give a $5 tip to the clerk, when she did win!

Charlie had heard that a custodial lady at the track had purchased a good luck charm from some small store near her apartment building, and the next day...she won a Huge Trifecta that paid something like Two Thousand Dollars! The lady had her daughter come in to cash the ticket, because it had to be presented at the IRS window, where they take out some money for income tax.

Charlie popped into a neighborhood store the next day, and inquired about good luck charms, but all they had was an old dusty display of Rabbit's Foot Keychains and they looked like they did when Charlie was a boy, fifty years prior. Who knows? Maybe they have been sitting there since then! The young clerk suggested Charlie look on the Internet, and since he had a computer at home...he did!

So, Charlie went online and visited where they feature good luck charms and amulets that really work! He was delighted because he knew that something from there would help him!

Charlie was as excited as a kid in a candy store and couldn't decide what to get...then he finally decided on the Highly SuperCharged Money Magnet. That sounded like a good all-around amulet for winning money, Charlie thought to himself! He noticed that it said "these items are sold as a curio for entertainment" but he didn't care because he thought...(1) It was worth a shot, (2) He knew there were no guarantees in life, except death & taxes, and (3) It was only twenty-some bucks, and he wasn't going to lose sleep over that small amount of money!

Don't you know that...the very next day, Charlie hit the Daily Double and it paid about three hundred dollars, BUT he had bought two tickets of that winning combo and he ended up collecting six hundred. This got his day off to a good start, and by the time he went home, he had an extra thousand bucks in his pocket!

He was so excited he decided to try another amulet for even more luck, and he went back to the same website, and read about their Indian Medicine Bag Good Luck Amulet, which they said was the number one, he decided to get one!

Good Luck to YOU at the horse track or wherever you go!

Many Blessings!

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