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Sunday, 20 March 2011

When the cleaner quit we got ourselves a racehorse

There are many very talented writers of blogs. They cover many and varied subjects. But sometimes you find one that touches your heart. I stumbled across this delightful blog ages ago but then couldn't find the link but thankfully located it once more. It is called:  A Bit of a Good Horse. I won't tell you anything about the story because I want you to stumble across this most beautiful read yourself.

This is the first post:

When the cleaner quit we got ourselves a racehorse

I never thought I'd own a horse. Actually, I never thought I'd have a cleaner... I'm not very rich but I am very bad at cleaning, and I am really into the horses.

The cleaner quit - and it wasn't even anything to do with mud on the carpet from visiting the gallops, or too many Racing Posts stuffed in the recycling bin. So when my boyfriend suggested we buy a share in a racehorse as a joint valentines gift I didn't ask him how we could afford it or whether it meant we'd need a new rota for cleaning the loo, it was a simple debate that led from his exciting suggestion, to a naive, 'It'll probably cost £100,' and then on to, 'It's not much more than we spent each month on the cleaner...'

The facts that we could barely afford the cleaner in the first place, and that 5% of a racehorse was never going to dust and hoover, seemed unimportant. We were going to own a racehorse. I decided I wouldn't mind squirting toilet duck and twirling a brush around the U-bend if I could do it while dreaming of a win in the 2.30.

But being realistic we do still need that cleaning rota. Visits to the winners enclosure are highly unlikely, and although this gift might bring us closer together as a romantic symbol of love, it would be sad if an unfair division of the housework led us to own 2.5% of a horse each instead of 5% together. That wouldn't be a happy Valentine's treat.

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