Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Horses, Religion and Chocolate Biscuits

Blogs. They kind of have a life of their own, hey. Never really knowing where they will lead or who is reading each and every post. They say that walls have ears. Not sure what blogs have? Probably best not to venture down that blind alley.

I wonder what is the most amazing, strangest or craziest thing your blog has led to? I say that because HCE blog has been quite an adventure in ways. For instance, the only reason I write for the Racing Ahead magazine is because the editor saw our blog and asked if we would like to write on the subject of two-year-old racing.


These last two weeks have been kind of surreal. Firstly, I had an influx of religious bloggers start to follow HCE. I must admit that I did start this in ways because I noticed Patient Speculation had a religious follower (blog Well, I asked the gentleman if he would like to write about religion and gambling - how they kind of work together (or not). I received a polite email but sadly no article, which I thought would be a great read. Then I had two more religious followers (blog followers arrive) As there is nothing much religious about me, I began to feel a little nervous. One wrote me a comment, which I thought was great because I asked what was the difference between the Church of England having stocks and shares and me placing a bet on a horse. It's a sin, hey. Betting. Not that it bothers me because I know I am a good person whether heaven awaits me or not. I didn't really get a reply on that question but it was very kind of the gentleman to take the time to correspond about the general view of the Church and gambling. I still find it slightly unusual having religious followers (blog followers). I guess they find it strange having a gambling blogger following them. I wonder who will be converted first!

The way this week is going I will not think too much on that subject. You may have noticed I had a post about a 2yo horse stabled with a well known trainer (can't say his name as I may ruffle some feathers) and related to a popular brand of biscuits. I can't say their name (again) because I seemingly threw a spanner in their advertising campaign works. So much so, that the PR company sent me an email asking (politely) if I would remove the post. I have no problem with that at all and certainly didn't mean to cause them any problems, far from it. I only printed what I found on this particular trainer's website, so it is in the public domain. I didn't don my rocket backpack and fly over the said biscuit company research and development lab to peep at their wonka bar. Well, it was more the horses name that is meant to be hush hush rather than the biscuit itself. Fair dues to them. They have a job to do so it wasn't a big deal although I did like that post. I'm please HCE find these - fleeting - gems for our readers to enjoy. The PR company have been great and said they are going to send me some biscuits so I am more than happy. I had better not say any more as there is no doubt someone is watching and reading (well, I hope you are!). It's like George Orwell's 1984 all over again. I'm definitely a prole...but with posh biscuits.

So it's been a strange couple of weeks with horses, religion and chocolate biscuits. Best not think about next week, hey?