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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

It's Always Bigger in the USA

Fly the flag
Lovely to wake up to sunshine - spring is definitely in the air. Thankfully the Flat season is getting closer by the day. With HCE concentrating solely on the two-year-olds this absence of juvenile racing makes for a quiet period. Not that is all bad as it gives me time to update the blog more regularly. I'm preparing for the off.

You remember seeing Linford Christie winning Olympic gold? Well, that's me in the blocks. Only kidding. I like jogging, used to play rugby until I struggled with injuries, but there is nothing better than exercise to clear the mind.

You know there is a lot of sense in the story of the tortoise and hare. The season is long and can be tiring so I try to be very focused, put in the amazing amount of work, but also try to have a relaxed laid back style of making selections. The thing that is very important and often forgotten in the pursuit of excellence is to enjoy the season. It is far to easy to try so hard that the love of this sport of kings becomes a bind. It pays to take a step back. See the wood for the trees.To appreciate what is being seen rather than always looking ahead to the next race - that ultimate win. That is why I love nature. It is one of the few things that stops me in my tracks and think isn't that beautiful. I am one of these people - strange to some - that knows about wildlife. Put it this way, I know a comma can be a butterfly as well as a punctuation mark. It never pays to force betting opportunities. Be patient. Now where have I heard that statement before!

I do have the knack of rambling once I get started - which is probably a blessing when you have a blog. It seems that many bloggers find it difficult to find things to say. Writer's block. Blogger's blog.Perhaps one day I will wake up and find like Stephen King's lead character in The Shining I have written a whole book reading: 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. I promise you won't find me axe in hand even after a bad day at the office!

You never guess where I went last night? I popped over to the U.S of A. Well, in blogland, of course. I had this notion of Americano, blue jeans and chinos. I decided it was time to go global! I visited a few blogs from over the pond. I considered it would be good to give our friends in the States a chance to see how the British blogs work and take a look at their efforts, too. Well, it is true, the American's do everything bigger and better. I introduced myself to a couple of blogs and following a few more to learn what makes them tick (mostly, sectional times) and see if I can attract a few more visitors to our community. Some of those blogs are very established. In fact, I have never seen so many links. Some had more links exchanges than I have content. To be fair I haven't had a chance to get to grips with them yet but hope to exchange links with a few. I added one to Walking The Blogs: Knight Sky Racing. It is good to say hello to fellow bloggers across the globe. I may take a short break and go to Australia tonight.

Happy blogging to one and all.