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Highclere: Europe's Leading Racehorse Ownership Company

Highclere - 2yos for 2011

Highclere specialises in putting together small groups of individuals to share in a number of top quality racehorses. This enables our owners to enjoy racing at the highest level, and, having produced seven champions, Highclere is the most successful multiple ownership company in Europe.

Highclere has a reputation for finding top-notch two-year-olds - often leading to Classic race stardom:

Memory to go straight for the Guineas


Memory is wintering very well and Richard Hannon reports her to be in great shape as she starts her build up towards the 1,000 Guineas. Physically, she has grown and strengthened through the winter and Richard Hannon could not be happier with her progress to date.

Harry Herbert said: "Having discussed all of the options with Richard we feel that the best one for Memory is to go straight to the 1,000 Guineas as this is a filly who goes very well fresh. She is an active sort who will take very little work to get fit so, provided Richard Hughes and the trainer are happy with her work, we will launch her straight into The 1,000."

HCE takes a closer look at this seasons two-year-olds.

Actor (click)
Trained by Jeremy Noseda

This beautifully bred son of Montjeu is a really lovely individual, but will need time to fully develop into his frame. Despite being weak at this stage, he is particuarly eye-catching on the move and appears to be well-behaved. He is bred to be at his best as a three-year-old but hopefully will be strong enough to be making his debut sometime in the Autumn.

Apostle (click)
Trained by Michael Bell

Apostle looks to be a really precocious sort who could potentially be seen on the racecourse as early as April. This strong son of first season sire Dark Angel has really impressed Michael Bell with the ease and enthusiasm with which he goes about his business.

Bonfire (click)
Trained by Andrew Balding

Bonfire is a striking looking colt who stands out in Andrew Balding's string. Despite being a well grown individual, he carries himself well and at this stage, shows no sign of weakness. Andrew has been particularly pleased with this horse's progress and is believes that he is likely to be a mid-season starter.

 Boudoir (click)
Trained by Richard Fahey

Boudoir joined Richard Fahey's string in the new year and he has been delighted with her progress to date. She has a very good attitude and Richard reports her to be an easy-moving filly with a good temperament. He is hopeful that Boudoir could be precocious as, physically, she is a mature sort and could be ready to make her debut as early as June.

Commend (click)
Trained by Sir Michael Stoute

This colt has made good physical progress since leaving Highclere Stud. While he is a tall colt with plenty of scope, Commend uses himself particularly well and watching him canter, one could only but be extremely impressed with his balance and movement. He will join Sir Michael's team very shortly and should be cantering up Warren Hill by the middle of February. Commend is likely to go through a number of physical changes this year but all being well, could be ready to make his debut sometime during August or early September.

Commitment (click)
Trained by Luca Cumani

This outstanding looking colt has recently arrived at Luca Cumani's yard in Newmarket. Commitment is a very fluent mover who carries himself really well. Luca will give him plenty of time to mature and develop but nonetheless, he should be capable of making his debut sometime in last August or early September

Counsel (click)

Trained by Sir Michael Stoute

This impressive son of Dansili is currently at Malcolm Bastard's pre-training yard at Lambourn and will join Sir Michael Stoute's string in early February. He is making good physical progress and looks to be strengthening in all the right places. Given his breeding, it is unlikely that we will see Counsel on the racecourse until the latter part of the season.

Damask (click)
Trained by Richard Hannon

This beautiful daughter of first season sire Red Clubs is a very eye-catching individual. Damask has made good physical progress over the last few months and is a very fluent mover on the gallops. At this stage, Richard Hannon is more than happy with her current rate of progress and she looks to be a filly that will make up into a summer two-year-old who could be ready to make her debut in June or July.

Fairest (click)

Trained by Jeremy Noseda

This filly has done really well since joining Jeremy Noseda's string at the beginning of November. While she has grown a little over the winter, she looks to be holding her strength; she is a lovely easy-moving filly who carries herself particularly well and seems to have a good attitude. During February she progressed to two canters a day up Warren Hill and Jeremy said she gets to the top of the hill easily. He expects her to be an early two year old and, if she continues to progress the right way, he plans to step her up into half speed work in March.

Forgive (click)
Trained by Richard Hannon

This filly showed plenty of spirit during the breaking process but has now settled really well into her training regime at Richard Hannon's yard. Forgive is a neat, strong filly who looks very forward-going but is likely to go through some physical changes over the coming months. Having said that, Richard believes that this filly should be ready to run in June or July.

 Gusto (click)
Trained by Richard Hannon

This is a very strong, precocious colt who looks sure to make up into an early season starter. While not overly big, he is one of those busy two-year-olds out at exercise and wants to get on with the job in hand. Richard Hannon is very pleased with his progress to date and barring any unforseen stoppages, he could be ready to run before the end of April.

Homeric (click)
Trained by Ed Dunlop

This lovely son of Montjeu looked a little wintery when we saw him in Newmarket in mid January but Ed Dunlop has been more than happy with everything that he has done to date. Homeric has been doing steady canters up Warren Hill and is a fluent mover. Physically, he is a raw, unfurnished colt who will need plenty of time to strengthen and develop and is bred to be seen at his best as a three-year-old.

Mossbrae (click)
Trained by Michael Jarvis

Mossbrae is developing into a very striking individual who really has made remarkable physical progress since joining Michael Jarvis's yard. He is currently doing steady canters up Warren Hill and is a naturally well-balanced colt. Although Mossbrae is a big horse, he will clearly need time to grow into his frame, he nonetheless should be strong enough to be making his debut from September onwards

Opinion (click)
Trained by Sir Michael Stoute

Opinion is currently in training with Malcolm Bastard near Lambourn and will shortly head up to Sir Michael Stoute's yard in Newmarket. This colt has made excellent physical progress over the last few months and is a really good mover. At this stage, he looks precocious enough to be making a debut in July or August, although he is currently a little "up behind" which suggests that he still has some growing to do.

Pistol (click)
Trained by Sir Michael Stoute

Pistol is a very imposing colt who stands over plenty of ground. He is currently doing steady canters at Malcolm Bastard's year near Lambourn. He has developed well over the winter and is very well balanced for a big horse. While he will not be an early type, I am sure that Sir Michael will want to give him some racecourse experience towards the back end of the season.

 Starfly (click)
Trained by Jeremy Noseda

Starfly has settled in very well to her training regime at Shafleet Stables and Jeremy Noseda is pleased with her progress to date. Physically, she looks a very racy type and has a good shoulder and set of quarters on her. As such, she looks to be precocious and should be making her debut during the first half of the season.

Jeremy is very pleased with Starfly who is progressing well and continues to look a precocious type. By mid February she had stepped up to two canters up Warren Hill and he hopes to move her into half speed work in March.

Teacher (click)
Trained by William Haggis

Teacher is currently going through quite a significant growth phase and will probably need most of this season to develop and mature. However, he is an athletic colt who, despite his size, carries himself well. He has been doing steady canters up Warren Hill and has a very good action as well as a willing attitude.

Valiant (click)
Trained by William Haggis

This lovely son of Galileo is currently with Malcolm Bastard near Lambourn and will move to William Haggas's yard in February. He is a very good mover and Malcolm could not be happier with him at this stage. We are likely to see plenty of physical change with this horse over the coming months and he is unlikely to be seen at his best until 2012.

The colt has done well physically since being with Malcolm and, all being well, he will head up to William in Newmarket at the end of February.

Varnish (click)
Trained by Richard Hannon

This filly has done well since joining Richard Hannon; she appears to have a good temperament and is eye-catching out at exercise as she is a very good mover. Varnish has grown over the winter and at this stage, looks as if she could make her debut in the second half of the season - in July or early August.

Vow (click)
Trained by William Haggis

This is a really lovely filly who recently joined William Haggas's string in Newmarket. She is a particularly good mover and shows a really good attitude out at exercise. Vow looks precocious enough to be making her debut in late July or early August.

By mid February, William felt that Vow would benefit from a short break from training at a local spelling yard. This filly has learnt all the basics and William believes that a month off now will do her the power of good. This is common practice for two year olds at this stage of the year and should not have any impact on the start date of her racing career.

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