Monday, 28 March 2011

Duffield, Dascombe, D'Arcy & Two Men Crying

His friend has gone for the tissues
No two-year-old racing today, so been trawling a few websites to see what the trainer's have to say. I found these few snippets which make interesting reading:

Ann Duffield Talks About Prize Money

Discussions about the tariff's are warming up ahead of the start of the flat. Richard Hannon announced that he will not be racing in any races below tariff, even abandoning his favourite local track Windsor, where Hannon trained winners are standing dish. Sheikh Mohammed has also announced that he (and all the Arab owners) will be supporting the tariff's and not running in any races which fall below their level. Ascot have immediately announced that they will do everything they can, to remedy the situation, acknowledging the importance of the Arab owners in horseracing. Mark Johnston has already thrown his hat in the ring by announcing he will stand by the tariffs, and major league owners such as Cheveley Park are also on board. The war on prize money is stepping up, and at this rate, providing not too many short sighted owners and trainers see the absence of the bigger yards as something of an advantage, the game of "rob the owners and run", played magnificently by some of the racecourses will be over.

When racetracks say they cannot afford to pay more in prize money, it is worth remembering that in the case of Arena Leisure they recorded that profits rose by over ten percent last year to 5.4 million while at the same time they managed to pay off 6.5 million in old debts. That's the equivalent of a whopping 12 million in profits. Furthermore, they also announced that the new five year, media rights deal beginning in January 2012 will yield 106 million pounds. Given that they have pocketed all or virtually all, the media rights payments so far, I think its probably safe to say we wont get any of the bigger amount either, unless we make a stand now. Racing is undergoing its biggest challenge to its future. There will be the odd occasion, in certain circumstances when it is necessary to run in a race one would prefer not to run in, but we must make those occasions a rarity.

Duffield Two year old Talk

A busy work moring for two year olds and routine cantering for the older horses. The grass canter was opened for use for the first time since last year, and all the horses really enjoyed going up the grass prior to working on the all weather. Seven pairs of two year olds worked upsides ridden by George, Phil Makin, Jimmy Bleasdale and James. They all went well and are making good progress. New owners Terry and Michael Mosess were here to watch their filly by Rock Of Gibraltar, Brian Woods arrived to see the filly he owns a share in "Oneniteinheavan" and went away wishing he owned a bit more in her, and David Barlow who used to own the enigmatic Dr Valentine (now retired) arrived to watch proceedings. William Wainwright has gone to Wolverhampton and is running in about half an hour, ridden by Phil Makin who knows the horse is a bit of a coward and, has his work cut out if he is to persuade him to put his best foot forwards. He has an engine but lacks the courage to use it fully.

Tomorrow will be another busy day, this time for the older horses, while today's youngsters take it a bit easier.

Paul D’Arcy

The two year olds are a super lot and we are looking forward to running them when they are ready.

Tom Dascombe

We now have all the entries in for the 2011 Five To Follow competition.

The highlights are that the most selected 2yo was the Majestic Missile ex Khawafi Colt, by the same sire as last year’s most selected 2yo, Ballista. This colt is part of the MHS 4×10 Partnership, which there are still shares available in!
The most selected 2yo filly was the Lucky Story ex Soft Touch, a half sister to Gentle Lord. This filly is part of the MHS 8×8 Partnership, which again there are still shares available in!

An Entertaining Blog Post From Robin Dickin 

Two Grown Men Crying!!

Autumm Spirit made up for some of her appalling behaviour at Leicester yesterday by easily winning her first race over fences. The 'ginger b***h' gives Darren the most horrendous time most days of the week, and all credit to him for putting up with her antics every single day (no one else wants to ride her!!).

As per usual getting the saddle (very small) and the tongue tie on proved to be a trial in itself for Darren & myself, but getting Charlie on was even more interesting (she had forgotten that she has been broken in for several years!). Undeterred though, Charlie gave her a peach of a ride and the mare jumped like a seasoned pro, coming to join the leader two out and going on to win by five lengths.

I would like to say she came home to cheering from the team, but I have no voice at the moment & Darren & Brian Wilson who owns her along with the rest of the Lordy Partnership were in floods of tears!!!

I am sure they will both be cross with me for revealing this,but tough! Its certainly an extra special feeling when you have also bred your horse, so we will let Brian off, and in Darren's case it was probably just relief that he does not have to ride her today!