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Monday, 7 March 2011

Gambling is Like a Journey

So where we going?
I've been catching up reading posts from the blogs I follow. It's good to support our little community. As the old prospector once said: 'There be gold in them hills'. There may be a few gems of wisdom, too.

Reading blog posts often inspires me to write my own. We can all learn something from others. And I mean everyone. Such musing gives us the chance to see through someone's eyes, to consider a new perspective or perhaps identify with a comment or phrase. It is important to listen - sometimes the most innocent words hold an almighty truth.

The Bankbuilder blog caught my attention today with his post titled: Speed Kills. It certainly does. It doesn't pay to gamble at 500mph. We need to take care: be safe, think mirror, signal, manoeuvre and watch out for that blind spot. It's an accident waiting to happen.

What we are talking about is discipline.

This is watch our American friend said:

I passed on one or two other possibilities deeming them not worth the risk versus reward. Remember a winning method is not tailored to fit the whims of any individual player. Winning methods are used solely for the purpose of earning a profit from the wagering operation. That means that personal likes and dislikes must be left to fall where they may if profit is the motive.

This is a game of operating on a daily basis with a pre-conceived plan for conducting your betting business...anything less than this is unacceptable.

I like his mentality. I admire such a focused approach. It reminds me of a lot of the blogs I read. It reminds me of me.

To be a successful gambler, bettor, investor - call it what you may - takes time. You don't wake up one morning a winner whatever all these self- help books may say. In the past, I didn't talk about my gambling endeavours because it was pointless. It was pointless in the sense that the people I happened to be talking to didn't have the slightest idea of whether what I had to say was of interest, sparkling with knowledge, insightful or a brainless load of crap.They didn't really care. In fact, they often considered they knew better but when questioned had little understanding of the subject themseleves.They had a set viewpoint. Fixed. Sturdy. Relentless. I found their negativity depressing. It's not good to be surrounded by people like that. So I kept my thoughts to myself.

It was akin to me chatting to a quantum physicist. It doesn't work. I couldn't hope to understand his passion for a subject or add anything meaningful to the conversation. However, there would be one huge difference between how I would talk to him and how the many people talk to someone who gambles. I wouldn't be patronising. That is often the feeling I have felt when previously chatting about gambling to the 'everyday' person. It is all to do with social proof and the way we are brought up. Gambling is wrong. Don't do it (they say). When everything in our life is a gamble it's truly a ridiculous comment. Someone somewhere could quote the odds of you being knocked down as you cross the road. If you are prone to jumping in front of cars you might be an odds on shot! It's no different than any insurance company selling a policy knowing you have most likely got the short straw. You are unlikely to find any value in that bet. And even if you do, it will probably send you to an early grave. People are foolish if they spout on that they don't gamble. Open your eyes: didn't you feel your heart beat that little bit faster when you skipped the lights. Most of the general population view those who gamble as one thing: mug punters.

Don't you hate stereotypes! It's like an illness of the mind. Nothing's going to change. It's the way the brain works, although with insight you can see beyond the painted exterior. At times it's a pain in the arse.

The difference between a good and bad punter is focus. Gambling is like a journey. So decide where you want to go. What's your destination? If you just wander aimlessly you may get lucky and find the end of that proverbial rainbow. Or you may find that cul-de-sac where no one wants to live. For every journey you need to follow those signposts, have a map if it helps, even ask for help when you are getting close or losing your way.

To get to your final destination you need discipline.

I always used to say to my brother, Tony, that the most important factor about winning wasn't so much what you know but how you use that information. With discipline - structure - in place to keep us on the right path we are getting closer. For that reason I have many guidelines which are to all purpose the Ten Commandments (and I religiously stick to the 10th: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, his wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ***, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's').

Never been one to keep up with the Jones'.

The most important thing for me is having an answer to a question. Especially those all-important questions that gambling surprisingly show along the way. It is intriguing how after years of finding wisdom something appears for the first time when it has been there all the time. If you hit on a problem. Think! What's the answer? Keep those answers in your armoury because each one is like a little bomb to vapourise those problems that come along. You don't want to make the same mistake again. Sometimes bombs are good.

Gambling is like a journey. What is your destination? What answers do you need to become a winner?

Keep them in mind.