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Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Best Horse Racing Writing by Bill Peterson

The Best Horse Racing Writing of Bill Peterson

Angles, Tips, Systems, and Stories...

Bill has been a guest writer on HCE for some time now and his articles are always well received and to show our appreciation we are plugging his latest eBook publication.

Excerpt from "The Best Horse Racing Writing of Bill Peterson"...

How I Became a Horse Racing Fanatic, Handicapper, and Race Track Denizen
by Bill Peterson

Several ex-wives, dozens of friends, and some passersby in my life have asked me how I got this way. What makes a man get all wrapped up in horse racing and spend his days poring over racing forms, the internet, and watching race replays? What makes a man lay awake at night trying to decide if one horse will have more early speed with blinkers and if the Cornell collar is really all its cracked up to be?

In my particular case, I have to admit I got started on this path of picking winners and living, breathing,and loving horseracing very early in life. It all started when I was a little kid. My grandfather worked the local tracks helping trainers and exercising horses in the mornings. In the afternoon I accompanied him to the races.

Nowadays, kids have their parents come into school and explain what they do for a living. On other days parents take their kids to work with them so their progeny will know what the heck pops or mom does for a living to pay the bills. My parents never took me to work with them (except for the summer that Mom picked peas and beans for a living) but they were very happy to get me out from under their feet, so off I went to the track with Gramps...

About Bill Peterson

Bill Peterson has been going to the race track for over fifty years and has learned a thing or two. He is one of the most prolific writers on the subject of horse racing handicapping, angles, systems, and betting, with over 800 articles to his credit. Bill has chosen his best articles for this book.

Also includes several short humorous stories (fiction) about colorful characters and their adventures at the race track.

Includes the following sections...

Angles and Tracks

Good Bets and Bad Bets

Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Humor

Money Management

Odds and Ends


The Complete Horseplayer

Wisdom and Life Lessons from Horse Racing

Contact and Disclaimer

 This 157 page eBook is delivered digitally and immediately to your computer. You may print it out or read it from your computer. Comes in standard .pdf file format and can be read with free Adobe Acrobat reader. Just $9.99

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HCE: Thanks for all of your articles making HCE a success.

Update: Bill kindly replied:

Hello Jason,

Please just call me Bill. Thanks for the feedback and the kind words on your blog. I appreciate it. I'm not getting rich as a handicapper of writer, but it keeps the wolf a few steps away from the door and seems to be the only thing I'm fit for.

Enjoy your days at the races,