Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I've lost my albino horse in the snow...

Where's that horse?

According to a report carried in the Irish Field on September 5, 2009, of the 67,000 thoroughbred foals born in Ireland and Britain over the past four years and recorded in the Weatherbys Stud Book, one stands out from the crowd.

Which one?

Whilst 74 per cent of the foals born have been described as bay (a light brown colour), and the others mainly brown or chestnut in colour, only one has been recorded as white - fittingly he has the name The White Admiral.

This distinctive individual was bred by ElizaBeth Kennedy in Co Tipperary, and having been sold as a foal at Tattersalls Ireland for 35,000 Euro, he is in training with Nicky Henderson.

Apparently The White Admiral is named after the late Northamptonshire business-man and sports lover Lynn Wilson, who owned and bred racehorses very successfully and enjoyed winners at both Royal Ascot and the Cheltenham Festival.

Nicky Henderson said the following of The White Admiral in his stable tour: "He is, in fact, albino and therefore pretty distinctive.

"Our two biggest problems last year while he was in training was that he never stopped growing and that I was petrified if he ever got loose during the long period that we were covered in snow, we would have never found him!