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Monday, 14 February 2011

Walking the blogs...

Good boy, Wayward Lad (and you, Simplebet)
I woke up early this morning, it must have been about 4:30am. Not sure what stirred me from my slumber - most likely the excitement of all those Valentine's cards and worry the postman may sue me for repetitive strain injury because the letter box is a touch stiff.

I think I must have been dreaming...  They are always of a very lucid kind.

Ok, enough about dreaming - I'll save those for the start of the new Flat season.

The reason for my early awakening is a mystery but it's not all bad because I have been working on the blog since 5am - half asleep. Play It Safe sent me a message yesterday about exchanging links but I think I caused some confusion with moving the blog links to a separate page. I apologise if anyone thought they had disappeared. They are still there - on the blog - but have their own page under the heading Our Blog Community: Walking The Blogs.

This blog is like my pet (that's why I have a toucan perched on the bottom right-hand corner of the home page)  and each of your blogs need their own space to stretch their legs or spread its wings (all the things blogs do!) - so I have been Walking The Blogs. They are now resting peacefully until someone wants to say hello. It's all very civilised.

You may have noticed that each blog has a summary so people can search for their specific interests making it much easier. If any of the summaries need to be updated or you are interested in exchanging links then simply send me an email and I will do it quick smart.

I intend to publicize the blogs in our community in a similar manner to the Weekenders' articles: Off Piste (titled: Walking The Blog) where you answer questions about your blog: 'memorable racing days, how you would improve racing, who do you admire most in racing and why?,who is your favourite race horse of all time?, what is your personal ambition?, who would you like to be for a day?, best advice give?, dream holiday destination?, if you had a dinner party, who would you invite?'

There will be a number of links to your blog so it is a good way for people to learn about the person behind the blog and advertise your website at the same time.

I can be contacted by email:

Ok, better go...

I just heard the postman struggling with all my cards!