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Monday, 28 February 2011

Two Shares Left in a Racing Champion

He's antennae-post favourite

OK, so buying a racehorse is out of the question. Even a leg is too expensive in this financial climate. All is not lost. I have two shares left in a future racing champion. Our trainer is none other than  Claire Lawrence. Claire who? Never heard of her? Well, you would if you followed The World Snail Racing Championships.

Last years winner, Sidney, trained by Lawrance, from Litcham, won the final in 3 minutes and 41 seconds. And this annual event held at Congham, Norfolk, is the next best thing to Royal Ascot, a stone's throw from the Queen's residence at Sandringham.

Well, I have been searching the garden all day. It's tiring work. But I have found the biggest snail ever - a real bruiser - 16-hands tall even without his antennae up. I've named him HCE Rocket after he fairly sprinted towards a peppery lettuce of a similar name. He is incredibly fast - for a snail.

I take it you want a share? I mean, who wouldn't?

See you at Congham cricket field, Norfolk, on 16th July 2011. (Be careful with than ball!).

Press Release:

World Snail Racing Championships

Snail racing is a fun event for young and old alike. For more than 25 years the World Snail Racing Championships have been held at Congham, near King's Lynn, in Norfolk.

Snail racing is easy to organise. Collect snails from a garden. Favourite places are behind or underneath big stones. They like wet areas.

Before snails can enter a race a sticker with a number must be put on so they can be identified. One garden snail looks very much like another!

It is best to hold heats if there are large numbers.

The snails race from the centre of a circle to the outside. The circle has a radius of 13 inches. The snails are put in the middle and pointed in the right direction.