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Friday, 18 February 2011

Slot Myths

Many people who love to play the game of slots, even those who have been playing for years, are still stuck with misbelieves and see slot myths as facts. We are going to change that in this article by looking into several prominent slot myths we have today.

If you still believe that a slots machine can be hot or cold, you are still stuck in believing one of the most prominent myths of all time. Slots is a game based on pure randomness, so the only reason why a slots machine pays more frequently is because the machine has more winning combinations.

Also keep in mind that the chances of hitting jackpot are exactly the same in every spin. If you hit a jackpot in one spin, for example, you can hit the jackpot again in the next spin; the odds don’t change, and therefore winning two jackpots in a row is not impossible at all.

Most players get emotional when someone hit the jackpot playing a slots machine they just left. Before you start filling yourself with regret, you need to understand that the Random Number Generator used in slots machines cycle numbers whether the machine is being played or not. When you spin the reels, RNS algorithm will pick a random set of numbers at that exact millisecond. The chances of hitting the jackpot – meaning getting the winning combination rotated at the same exact millisecond – if you are still playing are rather remote or very unlikely indeed.